Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Meads of Asphodel - In the Name of God, Welcome to Planet Genocide


Eh, this release is kind of the Meads by numbers. As with most of their releases, there's an instrumental opening with some samples, a few relatively typical black metal songs (one of which is a re-recording of My Beautiful Genocide, which is much shorter than the Mill Hill version), some synth-heavy tracks, and a cover (Hell on Earth/Blood Runs Red, a medley of two songs by the hardcore punk band Discharge). There's also another hidden track preceded by a long stretch of silence, which is a parody of a sermon that would've been hilarious at two or three minutes but stretches on for eight.
Essentially, the Meads have been relying on their formula for a bit too long. It worked for a while, but now it's getting kind of stale. I guess we'll have to wait until their next full-length to see if they evolve or just stagnate more.

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