Friday, May 15, 2009

Disowned albums

Sometimes, bands are just ashamed of entries in their back catalog and force them out of print. Personally, I think that doing this is just immature and fans of a band deserve to be able to hear even their worst moments, but what do I know? Here are a few prominent examples:

The Doors - Other Voices and Full Circle: These albums were recorded after the death of Jim Morrison and featured the other band members on vocals. They have a pretty bad reputation, and supposedly, the surviving members don't have the master tapes (which is bullshit, as tracks from both have appeared on compilations)

Bad Religion - Into the Unknown: A synth-filled AOR album recorded by a hardcore punk band. Yeah, it's not surprising that this'll never get re-released.

Destruction - 90's albums: The German thrash metal band declared that 2 EPs and a full-length recorded during the 90's were no longer part of the Destruction discography. Apparently, they were nu-metal influenced or something. At first I thought that these were disowned because they didn't have the original singer on them- but "Cracked Brain" didn't have him and it's still in print.

Blue Oyster Cult - Imaginos: This was originally supposed to be a solo album by ex-BOC drummer Albert Bouchard, but the label forced him to use the BOC name. All of the current members participated, but most of their contributions were vocals and most of the instruments were played by session musicians.

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