Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chalk - Dead World


In the New Hampshire town where I went to college, there was an alt-weekly called the Keene Free Press. Basically, imagine your run-of-the-mill urban alt-weekly, give it the kind of budget you'd expect in a town of 23,000 and make it fiercely and irrationally libertarian, with headlines about a man refusing to pay "federal fines" (the guy who holed himself up in a compound because he refused to pay his taxes), and a woman being jailed for a month without charge (she was pulled over for speeding and only spent time in jail because she refused to acknowledge the government's authority over her and wouldn't speak to the judge).
Chalk's Dead World is a little like that rag, in that it slavishly imitates something while still putting its own spin on it. Basically, these two white rappers from Detroit imitate two other white guys from Detroit, the Insane Clown Posse, while ditching the circus motif and just focusing on making the songs as offensive as humanly possible.
Chalk's Dead World is so awful it's almost beautiful. The lyrics might have been written by Chris Barnes of Cannibal Corpse on a day where he felt especially deranged; they're all about rape, pedophilia and murder. However, they're so over the top that they stop being offensive and just become ludicrous. The band members played the instrumental backing themselves, and it's the definition of "rudimentary" and will make you long for the instrumental prowess of nu-metal outfits like Limp Bizkit and Korn. There are also some samples from "true crime" shows; the one at the start of "Walls of tha Coffin" is really hard to get through, with a child killer explicitly talking about why he's on death row. Chalk try so hard to be offensive that they're hilarious even though their material isn't the kind of stuff you'd want people to know you'd laugh at.
This is an insanely obscure release. I only found out about it from an internet friend who gave me a digital copy; I don't even know what the album cover looks like. I normally don't provide download links as I don't want to encourage anything illegal, but this album was released over a decade ago on a record label that doesn't exist anymore, so I'll provide one.

Download Chalk's Dead World

I previously reviewed this release for Metal Jerks; that review can be found here.

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  1. I owned this CD years ago. I dug it back then, but now that I have a child of my own, I think these guys need to be put away. Walls Of Tha Coffin is just ridiculous.