Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Van der Graaf Generator - World Record


This is VDGG's "instrumental jamming" album; it's not nearly as lyrics-heavy as earlier efforts, with Hammill featured far less prominently. Unfortunately, it's also not as atmospheric as some of the band's better albums, and side two is dominated by "Meurglys III", a 20-minute song that's really inconsistent, with some great parts (Hammill's guitar makes a rare appearance here, adding an extra dimension to the band's sound) mixed in with some dull and even outright offensive sections (there's a fucking reggae part near the end. On my list of "least favorite genres", reggae is second only to gabber.)
Some of the higher points included some surprisingly subdued reed work from David Jackson and some synthesizers which I find dated, but in a wonderfully charming way. World Record isn't horrible, but they've done so much better in the past.

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