Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Meads of Asphodel - Jihad


NOTE: This release is a split with Mayhem. My policy with split releases is that I only review the contributions from the band which I'm reviewing at the time, so I'll be ignoring the Mayhem tracks.
The Meads' half of this EP relies a bit too much on samples that aren't especially well integrated with the actual music. The middle section of "Grisly Den of Killing Steel" is basically just samples of varying qualities, and if "Tanks in the Holy Land" has any actual original material, I didn't notice any.
Fortunately, the actual music is still pretty good, so this release is still worth tracking down. I especially liked the actual musical parts of "Grisly Den of Killing Steel." There's also a pretty good Hawkwind cover at the end. It's just a shame that the samples frequently overtake the music instead of supplementing it.

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