Monday, March 30, 2009

Manowar - Gods of War Live


At this point, it's obvious that Manowar have passed into that weird afterlife where a band is mostly a touring outfit rather than a recording one, what with them having released 6 discs' worth of live material since 1997, as opposed to just 3 of new studio songs. Fortunately, Gods of War Live doesn't just focus on material from that terrible album. The first disc features songs from the band's entire back catalog; some of the songs were on the previous live albums and are a bit redundant, but "Each Dawn I Die" and "Gloves of Metal" get long overdue live renditions, and the songs that were on previous live releases are very strong.
Disc two is almost entirely songs from Gods of War, and while the filler tracks are just as bad as ever, they don't dominate as much as they did on the studio album. It would've been loads better if they ignored the filler tracks altogether, but I guess that was too much to hope for. I give this release a 7 for the first disc and a 5 for the second one, which averages out to a 6. If you need a live Manowar album, Hell on Wheels is the one to get.

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