Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Manowar - Fighting the World


Manowar released their first four albums in the span of three years, so I can only imagine how their fans felt when they were awarded for their wait with this piece of garbage. "Fighting the World" is Manowar-lite; it's recognizable as Manowar, but a genericized version of the band, playing material that was about as memorable as any of the hair metal bands that infested the airwaves in 1987. The proponents of "true metal" had become just another "false metal" band. (I was going to make an allusion to the end of "Animal Farm" here, but making literary references in a Manowar review is just too pretentious even for me.)
There are only two good songs on here. The first is "Defender," which I discussed in the review of the earlier single version, so I won't talk about it here. The second is "Black Wind, Fire, and Steel," which is still a little glossy by Manowar standards (I prefer the live versions of this song), but is still head and shoulders above most of the other songs. The rest suck. Songs such as the title track, "Carry On," and "Blow Your Speakers" could have been written and performed by almost anyone. This is definitely Manowar's worst moment, but things would get better.

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