Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Queen - Sheer Heart Attack


Queen's third studio effect is pretty solid, if a little lightweight at times. See, most of the tracks here are really short; out of thirteen songs, seven are three minutes or less. That means that even if you think a particular track sucks, it'll most likely be over before you know it. The downside is that if you like it, it'll also be over quickly. Things get started off well with the awesome Brighton Rock, which has a great May solo. The lyrics concern a conversation between two lovers, with Freddie doing both the male and female parts; I usually hate when male singers do female parts, but it works here. Other songs of note include "Killer Queen," the band's first international hit, "Misfire," a light Caribbean-style number which was the first written by bassist John Deacon, and the proto-thrash metal "Stone Cold Crazy," which was famously covered by Metallica (with added profanity). The problem with putting so many short songs on an album is that some of them are pretty much bound not to work; I disliked the generic "Now I'm Here" and was glad that the dull piano ballad "Dear Friends" was barely a minute long. All in all, though, it's still a fine release.

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