Friday, February 13, 2009

Queen - News of the World


This album starts off with those two staples of arena rock, "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions." You've heard the former if you've ever attended a sporting event, and the latter if you've ever watched a championship game, so I won't go into them in detail. But aside from those two songs at the beginning, this is a surprisingly subdued album from Queen; there's little of the operatic flair that was their trademark. Songs like the almost-punkish "Sheer Heart Attack" and the ballads "All Dead, All Dead" and "Spread Your Wings" aren't nearly as over-the-top as most of the band's material, but they don't suffer much as a result. The songs are also less polished; one track, "Sleeping on the Sidewalk," was recorded in one take (you can hear some bass mistakes near the end). All in all, News of the World is decent, but not spectacular, with some silly tracks like "Get Down, Make Love" and the cheesy Latin-tinged "Who Needs You" bringing my score down. Actually, the second side as a whole is considerably weaker than the first.

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