Thursday, February 26, 2009

Queen - The Miracle


This album just plain isn't very good. The two opening songs, "Party" and "Khashoggi's Ship," are just boring. The title track is somewhat good musically (in an 80s AOR kind of way), but the lyrics are so bad that I'm too embarrassed to quote them. Then we hit the awesome "I Want It All," which is a bit of a throwback to their early hard rock phase; it's easily the best song on the album and sticks out like a sore thumb. Then we hit "The Invisible Man," which I have mixed feelings about. It's catchy and has a neat bassline, but it's just a blatant ripoff of the Ghostbusters theme (which itself was a rip-off of Huey Lewis' "I Want A New Drug"). I mean, they even use the line "I'm in your bed"; which is awfully close to the Ghostbusters theme's "Invisible man/Sleeping in your bed". The second side is just dull; nothing really sticks out to my ears except for the synth-heavy "Scandal," which is marred by a poor line about cheesecakes. There's even a short throwaway instrumental at the end called "Chinese Torture". This is definitely one of the lesser Queen albums and one of the last ones you need. It says a lot that one of the most memorable things about this album is the four-headed monstrosity on the cover.

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