Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Queen - Live at Wembley '86


God, what a great album from Queen's final tour. The setlist is great, spanning Queen's entire career. My least favorite albums are underrepresented, with none from Jazz and only Under Pressure from Hot Space, and they even through in "Seven Seas of Rhye"! The sound quality is really good for a show recorded in a stadium (see the Emerson, Lake and Palmer triple-live "Welcome Back My Friends blah blah blah" for a poorly recorded stadium show), and Freddie's rapport with the audience is nothing short of amazing. There's a three-minute jam called "Impromptu" and a back-and-forth bit at the end of "A Kind of Magic" which are just as entertaining as any of the actual songs. There are a few weak spots, most particularly the medley of 50's covers on disc 2 and the fact that BoRhap, as usual, relies on backing tapes for the middle part, but I still feel comfortable giving this a 9.

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