Monday, February 16, 2009

Queen - Jazz


I have no idea how this album got its title, as there's nothing remotely jazzy on here. In fact, jazz is one of the only genres that isn't touched on in this album; it's too diverse for its own good. Songs like "Fat Bottomed Girls" and "Bicycle Race" are cheesy in an embarrassing way instead of a fun way. (Admittedly, my impressions of the former are heavily influenced by Spinal Tap's "Big Bottom," which I greatly prefer.) Other tracks include the too-lightweight "In Only Seven Days", the dull 1940's throwback "Dreamer's Ball" and the godawful Roger-penned disco track "Fun It". (I find it highly amusing that a song written by the drummer features such a horrible sounding drum machine.) There are some decent tracks, such as the Broadway-esque "Don't Stop Me Now" (made famous from its appearance in Shaun of the Dead), "Let Me Entertain You", which manages to stay on the right side of cheesiness, and the so-silly-it's-good Arabic rocker "Mustapha" (insert "post-9/11 world" joke here). It's nice that Queen tried to write songs in vastly different styles on this album, and it's unfortunate that there were more misses than hits.

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