Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Queen - The Game


One thing that I haven't really mentioned about Queen is that they eschewed the use of synthesizers during the 70's; every one of their albums during that period contained in its liner notes something about how no synthesizers were used in the making of the album. The Game was the first album where they broke that promise, utilizing synths on some tracks, and they do a pretty good job of integrating them into their sound on tracks like "Save Me" and "Play the Game." Not all tracks use synths, though; the Elvis homage "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (with Freddie's only guitar performance on record) and awesome funk-rock track "Another One Bites the Dust" do just fine without any. Unfortunately, the presence of some throwaway tracks ("Coming Soon," "Don't Try Suicide", "Rock It (Prime Jive)") brings the rating down a bit, but it's still a solid release.

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  1. I always thot this album was their best since NIGHT AT THE OPERA, tho the differing sounds kinda clash, the fake-rockabilly vs. the more-produced stuff.
    I think "Rock It (Prime Jive)" is sorta a highpoint, "Play the Game" was at least above-avg., & I thot "Need Your Lovin' Tonight" was better in its stripped-down way than "Crazy Little Thing Called Love."
    Never had much use 4 "Another One Bites the Dust," which I read somewhere was stolen from a Chic riff, which is probly why it sounds so funky.
    But the whole 2nd side's pretty solid, "Save Me" is moving, & soma the lyrics R pretty funny, specially on "Need Your Lovin'" (considering what we later learned about Freddie's personal life).
    & 2 have Queen advise a friend not 2 try suicide was a bit unXpected -- Cms like a coupla yrs earlier they mighta said something more like "Go ahead, who cares?" They veer that way anyhow when Freddie tells the suicidal 1 that, confidentially, "You know you really get on my tits...."
    So overall, not another NIGHT AT THE OPERA, but OK NEwho, & it's their only later album I can listen 2 all the way thru, Xcept mayB 4 "Bites the Dust".... -- TAD.