Thursday, February 12, 2009

Queen - A Day at the Races


The second of Queen's "Marxist" albums pales in comparison to its predecessor; too many of the songs are just plain boring. "You Take My Breath Away" is too dreary and goes on too long, and the otherwise decent "The Millionaire Waltz" has an atrocious part where Freddie attempts to emulate Edith Piaf (!) There's still some good material here, though, as the opening "Tie Your Mother Down" gets things off to an energetic start, and the "Run to the Hills" prototype "White Man" is a pretty good hard rock song, but they're the only remotely heavy songs on here. Of course, Queen wasn't just about heaviness, and there are softer tracks that are still strong, such as "Somebody to Love" (no relation to the Jefferson Airplane song of the same name) and "Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together," which is by far the best of the ballads on this album. It's too bad that the good tracks are surrounded by mediocrity.

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