Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - A Slight Case of Overbombing


This is a compilation of all the band's A-sides for Time Warner. It probably would've been preferable if Eldritch had just chosen what he thought were the best songs instead of some suit deciding just to include all the singles; as a result, we get FOUR songs from "Vision Thing," only one of which is "More", While three pretty good songs from "First and Last and Always" are included, neither "Some Kind of Stranger" or "Black Planet" are among them. Floodland is well represented except for the fact that "Lucretia My Reflection" is an extended version which adds ZILCH to the original.

There are two non-album tracks; they consist of a re-recording of "Temple of Love" with Israeli singer Ofra Haza on backing vocals and a brand new song called "Under the Gun." This song, thankfully, is more in the vein of earlier material than the dreck on Vision Thing.

These two tracks were the last ever recorded by the band- Eldritch went "on strike" from his label and eventually got out of his contract by producing two albums of techno that were so bad that they haven't been released. I'm hardly one to side with the record label in this kind of situation, but given how no less than three bandmates quite citing personality conflicts, I think Eldritch may have had more than his share of the blame. There's also the fact that he's been promising a new Sisters album for more than a decade now, and produced nothing whatsoever. I'm assuming that that'll become the butt of jokes that used to be directed at Chinese Democracy.

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